Christmas is special and magic. It arrives when its cold and dark with its lights and excitement and families gathering .Christmas is All about real and spontaneous emotions . Lets makes photos which feel like Christmas !


No studio "smile on camera" perfect photos , with painted paper background that is the same for the next family to come. They are adorable and they make a perfect Christmas cards, but what do they do for us when we are older and craving for those holiday memories?


It`s time for something new 



This year i offer you limited number Documentary Family Christmas sessions 

How does it work 

It wouldn`t be added work to your busy Christmas season .No one has to dress up. wash their face or fit something else into their schedule. All you have to do is choose one of your family`s traditions or just relax at home . I will join you with my camera in hand to capture your family making  memories.






In home or on-location


  • Think : decorating your tree, baking ginger cookies, skating or taking a walk in the Christmas market in the centre of Lugano or whatever makes you feel "Christmasy"
  • Around 40 digital images via online private gallery
  • 350 chf