Documenting life, love and human connection 

I am

two selves. While my “human” self is energetic, talkative and supportive, my “artist” self tend to be more observant and attentive. Both of them are involved in the process of work: I love the process of capturing moments that reflect people’s personalities but I also enjoy being myself around my clients, talking to them and working together. What I find most appealing about photography is its ability to stay uniquely personal. Art is born when one feels connected to a certain image and a memory hidden behind it. This is what I create - the art of observation; sentimental, sensitive and nostalgic. My inspiration comes from natural light, movement, plants and trees, film, human body, foggy days, windblown hair, imperfections and my own children. In my free time, I want to make the world a better place and save polar bears :)


My manner

of editing is accurate and precise. Since I strongly believe that babies are perfect just the way they are, I tend to edit photos with care. No matter what changes I decide to make in the process of work, all photos stay natural in order to show the sincerity of human emotions. Rare and simple adjustments guarantee an honest, unique and memorable result. Light is also very important for my photography. Proper use of light can give life to an image and let it breathe. You can receive all the assistance in styling and preparation you need from me; I'm open to any ideas you might have. I want to explore your relationship with your close ones together with you and create a strong connection to the world of love and intimacy.


My approach

is about discovering the real you. Through my works I show how valuable and genuine all human emotions are. Every photoshoot is different just the way every family have something unique about it. I want to capture the essence of a person and translate it into the language of art in a natural and elegant manner. The idea of my photography is to create a valuable memory through concentrating on people's personalities and their connection to others. Every work therefore becomes an independent and timeless piece of art, clear, honest and free from any labels.


What i offer

maternity, newborn, family and couple sessions. As well as that, I also enjoy capturing different events such as christening and birthday parties. To preserve the quality of my photoshoots and have enough time to find the right approach to every family, I only work with up to 6 newborns every month. I tend to have a style that focuses on vision rather than service.  I am available in Ticino , Switzerland and Lombardy to discuss any suggestions, thoughts and concepts. Don't be afraid to ask for something new; I'm always glad to try things together and see what happens!