newborn session 

Newborn sessions are held in my home located in Bioggio while lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your house. 

Every session is unique as every baby has his own personality.

This is what I want to capture for you as parents, to look back on and to remember all those tiny expressions -  the yawns and sneezes as well as every delicate detail that our newly born babies bring to us .

All blankets and wraps are provided for, with most being gender neutral. This is because my style is clean, natural and very much focused on your baby rather than props and accessories. Flash photography is never used in my newborn session as i prefer to work with natural light.  

Your newborn session should ideally take place when your baby is under 14 days old in order to achieve better results and therefore your newborn  session should be booked while you are still pregnant.


family session 

Family photography is all about capturing the love within your family . It's about your children's personalities, interaction, expressions and play. While i will often direct some posed portraiture, or take time to work with your children alone, most of the session revolves around enjoying the time together. As a result, you can expect the photography to be centered around simply being with your children; hugging them, tickling them, making them feel at ease. It's through doing this that genuine memories and genuine love is preserved. 

Your family session will generally take place within a beautiful garden location by the lake or the mountains ,dependent on what your family prefers. Family sessions are usually shot in the hours just before sunset for the best light possible and you can expect the session to last around 2 hours, depending on how many children you have, and their ages. I provide all clients with assistance in styling and preparation in the lead up to the photography to ensure the best results. 


maternity session 

Maternity sessions  are best held around 32-36 weeks into your pregnancy, when you are at your most glowing. Sessions can either be held either at one of my favourite locations, in the studio or in your home as a lifestyle photographs . It really depends on what style you prefer for your maternity photos. 


How long does the session last?

Your newborn session will run anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on how settled your baby is. Newborn sessions are never rushed and for this reason, the maximum amount of time needed is always allocated.

Why do babies need to be so young when you photograph them?

The images you see of a dreamy, curly, sleepy baby are babies that are typically under 2 weeks old. Babies change at a rapid pace and to be able to replicate their natural utero curl they need to be as young as possible. From around 14 days of age babies start to stretch out, loosing their natural curl and are often awake for longer periods of time. 

Can siblings and parents be photographed?

Absolutely. In fact, often photographs including parents and/or siblings become my favourites. There is no additional charge for this, I simply ask that siblings are photographed first so they are free to leave the studio with a parent or other family member,  allowing us the space to finish the session focused on your newborn alone. 

How long does it take to receive our images?

It usually takes around  2-3 weeks to have them ready on USB , depending on the amount of work i have in that period.  If you opt for the fine art prints or customized wooden box you add on another 2 weeks approximately .



For many, going to a photographer is a lifelong investment. Behind the decision is undoubtedly a desire to create memories which will stand the test of time. However, there are many photographers out there and finding the right one can seem like a true challenge. There will always be cheaper photographers to be found but the best photographs are those which tell a timeless story, and the best photographers are those who invest time building in the relationships to facilitate that. My customers choose me because they want my style and approach to the subject, which is very important to me. 

My passion for what I do and commitment to my customers is paramount.

I want to work with you, to find the best for you.

500 chf


When the baby is laid down on a special pillow but differently from a classic newborn photography is never forced to take unnatural positions. Moreover I don’t excessively use accessories like toys, small hats, special clothes, baskets etc. The result is a cleaner and more natural image, profoundly respectful of the baby and the mother. I only use natural light and textures, sometimes fresh flowers; the idea is to capture the essence of your newborn baby , that  is my style . The photoshoot is done in my house in Bioggio.



20  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size)
on wooden USB flash drive

500 chf 


This type of photoshoot is my special .It is done in your house, your natural environment; the pictures are therefore very intimate and personal. It’s a memory of your very first special moments together at home.
There are some posed pictures but it’s more focused on spontaneous situations and the interactions between all the members of the family.



40+  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size)

on wooden USB flash drive 



480 chf


Lifestyle indoor or outdoor maternity session. Or we could go more artistic if you like !



30/40+  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size)

on wooden USB flash drive 


790 chf


480 chf


Lifestyle indoor or outdoor family session 



40+  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size)

on wooden USB flash drive 


420 chf


Engagement session or simply your love story 


                            WHAT DO YOU GET?                          

40+  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size)

on wooden USB flash drive 


380 chf


Newborn photo session within 48 hours of your baby's birth

At the hospital, birthing center 





1 hour session at place of birth
20  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size)

via private web gallery


on request


Your birth story


Unlimited coverage of labor and delivery including 1-2 hours after birth  
On call 24/7 surrounding your due date 60+  accurately edited images (digital file high resolution and web size) 
on wooden USB flash drive 


starting at 500


starting at 1500


Tell me about your plans for the day, let me know your story, what inspires you and what makes you happy!

starting at 900


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